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Featured Item: The Wallace Headboard

The Wallace Headboard

The Wallace Headboard side view

This beautiful headboard is made from Scottish Yew and Oak. In Scottish folklore, the Yew is regarded as a powerful protector and a symbol of rebirth and growth. The Oak, protector of the forest, has become an enduring symbol of strength, protection and durability.

These are fitting attributes for that giant amongst men, William Wallace. We have created the Wallace Headboard as a tribute to this legendary Scot. Wallace steps fully grown into history, a tall young man of great strength and courage. Little is known of his life apart from the last bitter month of it, but through leading the Scots to independence from English rule, he gave the Scots an oriflamme which even the following banner of that other great Scot, Robert the Bruce, would not obscure.

Trees were the directional sign posts for travellers in the 13th Century and as such the Yew used in this headboard may well have been known to Wallace. Wallace's kinsmen planted Yew in Kilburine, Ayrshire and it is from here that we harvested it, from a tree thought to be nearly 1000 years old. Both Yew and Oak trees can live for over 1000 years with one of the oldest examples being the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire which is at least 5000 years old but may be as much as 9000 years old.

The two Oak end posts supporting the headboard are quarter sawn to show the ripple effect of the rays that branch out from the centre of the tree. At the top of the headboard is the pale Yew sapwood and the heartwood is of many different colours. The waterfall of ripples near the centre is where a flush of branches started to grow and then died. As the tree grew outwards the root marks extended and left this beautiful pattern. This combination of Oak and Yew is a potent mix. Both trees were regarded as sacred in Druidic times and they still have a reputation for powerful psychic protection.

Wallace would have slept in a bed with a headboard to provide a barrier to the damp stone walls of his home, thereby helping to maintain his health and powerful physical presence. The wood in the Wallace Headboard is from a tree which grew at the time of Wallace and formed part of the landscape he lived in. If wood could speak, what secrets might it reveal about William Wallace and his incredible life?

The Wallace Headboard front view

Sleep as he slept.

Scotland's greatest historic hero, William Wallace,


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