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Title: Welcome to the Bullwood Project

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Awards for Institute of Fundraising 2008

Click on the link above or the picture on the right to find out about the awards commissioned by the Institute of Fundraising.  Designed and created by John Hamilton, Chairman of the Bullwood Project.

Sail award for Institute of Fundraising 2008

The Bullwood Project is a woodturning and woodworking charity open to all people and with two main aims:

  1. to provide relief to those, who by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage find themselves isolated and working alone.
  2. to provide for the advancement of environmental protection by seeking to process trees that are destined for landfill and recycle the timber back into the community.

The Project provides a meeting place and the freedom to be able to exchange and develop ideas and skills.

Part of the recycling plan is to develop a woodworking machine shop to utilise the timber for a range of Bullwood branded goods.

The charity itself is not allowed to trade. It does, however, own a trading company, Bullwood Limited which donates all surplus funds to the charity.

The Directors and Trustees of the charity and of the Limited Company receive no remuneration but do receive out-of-pocket expenses.

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